SwimSpa 430 – Luxury Swimming pool

Luxus bassein Niilus

posted jan 26 2014

Luxus swimspa 430 – is a new exercise swimming pool spa to enhance flexibility, strength and tone. It offers you many workout programs for the entire family and all in the privacy and convenience of your backyard. Swimspa 430 is a large swimming area with a strong current powered by 3pc 13.5” big hole jets & 4 water pumps.

Luxus swimspa 430 x 225cm
Luxus swimspa 430 x 225cm


Dimensions 4280 x 2250 x 1280mm/heightLuxus swimspa - utespa -428 x 225cm
Seating Capacity: 3 adults
Water Capacity: 6810 liters
Volume: 12.78 CBM
Gross Weight: 883 kg
Net Weight: 703 kg
Filled Weight: 7513 kg

Total Jets (pcs): 35
13.5” Turbo Jets (pcs): 3
5” Directional Jets (pcs): 2
5” Rotational Jets (pcs): 2
2” Rotational Jets (pcs): 15
2” Directional Jets (pcs): 6
1” Directional Jets (pcs): 6Balboa TP800 control panelвления
Ozone Jets (pc): 1

Standard Specification
Balboa controlsystem
Spa Shell: Lucite Sterling Silver acrylic
Spa Cabinet Material: Wood-Plastic
Cabinet Frame: Stainless Steel
Jet Ring Trim: Dark Grey Plastic (CMP)
Pump 1 – 3.0HP
Pump 2 – 3.0HP
Pump 3 – 3.0HPLuxus swimspa 430
Pump 4 – 3.0HP
Circulation Pump: 1 x 0.5HP
Heater: 1 x 3.0kW
Lighting:  Multi-colored LED Underwater Light
Ozone Water Purification System: Yes
Electrical Requirements: 3phase, 3 x 16A
Suctions: 4 x 200GPM, 1 x 94GPM
Filter Size: 100sq.ft.
Swim spa Stainless Steel handrail: Yes
Diverter Valve (pc): 1Luxus swimspa 430
Air Control Valves (pcs): 5
Bottom Drain (pc): 1
Drain Valve (pcs): 2
Spa cover

Options & Accessories
Spa Step
PU isolation
Stainless Steel Jets
Big Jets around the spa 12pc
Perimeter LED Lighting 24 pcs
Miramat 35mm sheet used in cabinet frame inside
Pop-up Fountain 6pc
Car AM/FM CD Player with Spa Stereo Enclosure
Pop-Up Speakers 2pc

Price from 13990.- eur


OÜ Luxus swimspa 430 - Led purskkaevudOÜ Luxus swimspa veepiiri led valgustus


Luxus swimspa 430 Luxus swimspa 430 Luxus swimspa 430

Luxus swimspa 430 Luxus swimspa 430 Luxus swimspa 430


OÜ Luxus swimspa 430