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Luxus kümblustünn Pacific rim

Luxus acrylic Vildmarksbad

posted jun 15 2014

Eksklusiv hot tub på din terrasse eller i hallen bad ! Et unikt produkt til hele Europa.   8 corner hottub, sizes 2100mm, depth 920mm height from land 1050mm, water volume 1250l. Estonian product !   Luxus Hottub produced for : Exclusive antibacterial layer Lucite acrylic – blue marmor   NEW ! since 20.09.2014 TUSCAN

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Luxus bassein Niilus

SwimSpa 430 – Luxury Swimming pool

posted jan 26 2014

Luxus swimspa 430 – is a new exercise swimming pool spa to enhance flexibility, strength and tone. It offers you many workout programs for the entire family and all in the privacy and convenience of your backyard. Swimspa 430 is a large swimming area with a strong current powered by 3pc 13.5” big hole jets

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