Acapulco spa with overflow system

Wellis Acapulco Deep-in SPA 240 x 90cm/1470l.

With stunning underwater mood lighting and 3 powerful pumps You can choose anything between the tranquility of aspaoasis or full on party time with 6 or more friends or family – all easily controlled from a handheld floating remote control

Acapulco spa with overflow system – necessary to add puffertank and sandfilter.


Wellis Acapulco Freestanding SPA 380 x 240cm/1470l

Acapulco Freestanding is a compact, deck-level massage spa with an overflow system which can be a defining part of the space both indoors and outdoors.
Would you believe that there is sufficient space for 3 powerful hydromassage pumps, a sand filter, the entire mechanical system with tubing, and an 800L isolated buffer tank under the cover?