Wellis spa Palermo Premium


Sitting places 3
Reclining places 2
Weight 320kg
Water volume 1315l

Power 3 x 16A
Wellis Smart touch controlpanel
Waterjets 57pc
Massagepump 2 x 3hp
Airjets 10pc
Airblower 750w
Circulation 110w/h
Heater 3kw
Ledlight 5″
Water level led-lighting
Air inlet regulator 3pc
Elementfilter pc
Headrests 3pc
Insulated floor – cabinet
Maintenance free synthetic cabinet
Thermo cover
PULSAR massage syste in 1 captain seat
Wellis SmartPhone remote application with wif connection
AquaSoul sound system – 2 speaker + subwoofer 120w
Auxiliary topside control panel with 4 button