Luxus kümblustünn Tuscan sun

posted Feb 02 2012

Hot tubs

Exclusive acrylis Hot tubs

Luxus Hot tub – Spa in Your home


8 corner hottub, sizes 2100mm, depth 920mm
height from land 1050mm, water volume 1250l.  Estonian  product !

Luxus Hottub  – produced for exclusive Lucite acrylic.

Vacuum thermoformimg – for a vacuum molding valuable antibacterial layer of white Lucite and exclusive tones sanitetic acryl, what is special material for hottubs.


Luxus eksklusiivakrüülist kümblustünniLuxus hottub -Tuscan sun acrylicLuxus badtonne -


SPA cover – OÜ Luxus manufactured pool cover is 100mm thick and have a thermal conductivity of a minimal level. Cover frame is reinforced with aluminum profile, and to suffer the burden of snow in winter conditions without problems. Cover surface is made ​​of durable PVC, which is suffering from a cold winter -35c and +60c in summer heat, in addition to the cover is a water, ice and mold-resistant material.



Luxus badtonne -
Luxus badtonne –


Luxus Tuscan sun hottub
Luxus Tuscan sun tone acrylic hottub


Isolation – available PU (polyurethane)

Luxus hottub polyurethane isolation


External hot tube heater – aluminium boiler

  • Effective heating of bath barrels that are up to 2.0 metres in diameter.
  • Dimensions: size 1 – 500 x 600 x 400mm, gross weight 35kg, heating power 20kw.
  • Dimensions: size 2 – 650 x 600 x 435mm, gross weight 44 kg, heating power 25kw.
  • The furnaces can be ordered with different flow-through options: right-hand flow, left-hand flow, rear flow (diameter: 50 mm or 75 mm).
  • The kit includes a connection set of pipes, hoses and clamps (diameter: 50 mm or 75 mm).
  • The kit includes a modular funnel from stainless steel with a round top, height 2 metres.


Luxus hottub aluminium boiler

Lucte Alba-pearlwhite acrylic hottub

Luxus badtonne -
Luxus badtonne –