acrylic hot tubs

We are exclusive acrylis Hot tubs supplier from Estonia !


Luxus Hot tub – Spa in Your home


8 corner hottub, sizes 210cm, depth 920cm height from land 103cm,

water volume 1000l. Estonian product !


Hottub is produced for Exclusive antibacterial layer Lucite acrylic

Vacuum molding valuable antibacterial layer of Lucite tones sanitetic acryl, what is
special material for hottubs.

Availabel acrylic tones – white, alba, Light-blue, Pacific-rim, Tuscan-sun.

Hottub panels – available are 2 different tones plastic grey and brown, additionally alder wooden
panels with Teak tone painted.

External Aluminum oven – round shape sea-alumiunium oven power is 30kw.

Available extras

SPA cover – hottub thermo-cover is until 10cm thick and have a thermal conductivity of a minimal level. Cover to suffer the burden of snow in winter conditions with out problems. Cover surface is made ​​of durable leather, which is suffering from a cold winter -35c and +50c in summer heat, in addition to the cover is a water, ice and mold-resistant material.

Insulation – Available are PU (polyurethane) shell insulation and panels background insulation sheet 30mm.

Metal frame – 2 different options, painted frame and galvanized frame.

Special Extras – Digital control button instead pneumatic button, water level led-lighting system, airjets with airblower, waterjets with massagepump, sand-filter kit.